Five Star Comfort Club

What is included in our Five Star Comfort Club Maintenance Check?

For each Maintenance Check:
We check your voltage and amperage on motors, thermostat, capacitors, and change one 1-inch filter.

For a Spring Maintenance Check:

  • Operating pressures
  • Starting capabilites
  • Condenser coil (clean if needed)
  • Safety controls
  • Electrical connections
  • Proper temperature drop
  • Clean condensate drains

For a Fall
Maintenance Check:

  • Burner operation
  • Heat exchanger
  • Flue for proper drawing
  • Proper temperature rise
  • Furnace cabinet (clean if needed)
  • Clean flame sensor

Why do you need service twice a year?

Service is needed each season. Different maintenance procedures are performed for your cooling system than your heating system. Because your HVAC system works so hard throughout the year, several components need adjustment, calibration and cleaning each year. Your system will still work for a time without the maintenance, but not as efficiently or safely. During an inspection, multiple items are checked. Some of the checks are to identify and stop small problems that could become big problems, and others are to verify proper operation.

How does a service agreement save you money?

By restoring efficiency, preventing inconvenient breakdowns, and extending the life of your equipment. You can get the same maintenance without a service agreement, but it costs more. With a service agreement, the service is scheduled during slow periods, so you receive a discount. In addition, you also save on emergency service during the year; not only because you won't need it, but because memebers don't pay an overtime fee when service is needed outside of normal business hours.

Five Star Perks

  • Priority Customer

    You'll be serviced and scheduled first ahead of customers who are not members.

  • Peace of Mind

    When you're a member, you have the assurance of knowing that your equipment is safe and operational.

  • Seasonal Tune-ups

    Maintenance is included at no additional charge when done during our normal business hours, saving you money!

  • Discounts

    Members enjoy a 10% discount on warranty labor and parts, as well as no overtime fees.

  • Scheduleing Made Easy

    We will contact you to schedule seasonal maintenance!

  • Increased Equipment Life

    When your system is being properly maintained, it runs better and lsats longer - saving you money!

Why do we have a service agreement?

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement is created to help you! This plan ensures that the manufacturer's maintenance requirements are met so your HVAC system can remain in warranty. Without documented annual maintenance, manufacturers are under no obligation to honor their own warranties. *contact the office for further on monthly payments.