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Annual Maintenance

Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement (CCA) is created to help keep you comfortable. This plan maintains maximum energy efficiency for both your heating and cooling equipment; avoid any unnecessary interruption in service; and reduce premature failure of major components.

*Agreement remains with equipment. Membership is non-refundable. Failure to properly maintain your equipment could void your manufacturers limited parts warranty. Discounted labor will only be applied for valid warranty claims.

Why do we offer a service agreement?

This plan ensures that the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements are met so your HVAC system can remain in warranty. Without documented annual maintenance, manufacturers are under no obligation to honor their own warranties.

Why do you need service twice a year?

Different maintenance procedures are performed for your cooling system than your heating system. Because your HVAC system works so hard throughout the year, several components need adjustment, calibration and cleaning each year. During an inspection, multiple items are checked. Some of the checks are to identify and stop small problems that could become big problems, and others are to verify proper operation.

How does a service agreement save you money?

Service agreements save you money by restoring efficiency, preventing inconvenient breakdowns, and extending the life of your equipment. In addition, you also save on emergency service during the year; not only because you won’t need it, but because in the case that do, the overtime fee for after business hours is waived. This is another way to show we appreciate you.

What happens during a maintenance check?

Each check includes checking your thermostat, capacitors, motor operations, changing one 1-inch filter, and:

For the spring, we check –

  • Operating pressures
  • Starting capabilities
  • Condenser coil (clean if needed)
  • Electrical connections
  • Proper temperature drop
  • Clean condensate drains

For the fall, we perform a combustion analysis, as well as checking –

  • Burner operation
  • Heat exchanger
  • Flue for proper drawing
  • Proper temperature rise
  • Furnace cabinet (clean if needed)
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide levels


Comfort Club Agreement Memberships:

Premium CCA – $230.00/yr. – Includes one cooling and one heating system. Addition systems can be covered under this same rate. Warranty parts and labor are covered in-full with this agreement for the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty. The system must be installed with our company and membership must be maintained from the date of installation.

Standard CCA – $169.00/yr. – Standard CCA includes one cooling and one heating system, any age and installed by any company. Addition systems can be covered under this same rate.

Half-system CCA – $125.00/yr. – Half-system CCA includes one cooling OR one heating system.


Add Half-system – $84.50/yr. – Additional cooling OR heating system only. i.e. you have two cooling systems, but one heating system.

Standard Humidifier – $45.00/yr. – Clean and check one humidifier for proper function and change pad once per membership term.

Mini-Split – $45.00/yr. – Clean and check for proper function for one outdoor unit and one indoor head once per membership term.

PTAC – $49.00/yr. – Clean and check for proper function once per membership term.

Interested in a maintenance plan?

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